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A Journey Through Foster Care

It all starts with a court-order: a social worker or judge determines it is not in your best interest to remain with your biological parents, and you are removed from their home. But you’re only a kid – you still need a place to live and someone to care for you. You enter the foster care system, a state-run program that’s supposed to be temporary, until you can move to a more permanent, safe and caring home.

  • Teresa Chin
  • Asha Richardson
  • Desmond Meagley
  • Lissa Soep
  • Chaz Hubbard
  • Senay Alkebu-lan
  • Myles Bess
  • Noel Anaya
  • Melissa Beavers
  • Jenny Bolario
  • Cari Campbell
  • Amber Ly
  • Rebecca Martin
  • Desmond Meagley
  • Brett Myers
  • Noah Nelson
  • Ellin O’Leary
  • Denise Tejada
  • Nila Venkat
  • Shawn Wen
  • Storm White