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West Side Stories

We tend to talk about gentrification as one story: newcomers displace long-time residents, erasing history and disrupting culture in the process. But living through dramatic neighborhood change always brings up many stories. Those stories–from West Oakland’s people and places–are what this interactive is all about.

There’s a lot to disagree about, when it comes to gentrification. But one thing seems beyond debate. If you’re new to a place, it’s good to know a thing or two about its history. So West Oakland’s proud past is one of the most important stories you’ll learn about in West Side Stories.

  • Senay Alkebulan
  • Maya Escobar
  • Isabella Ordaz
  • Donta Jackson
  • Storm White
  • Eli Arbreton
  • Joi Smith
  • Asha Richardson
  • Lo Benichou
  • Teresa Chin
  • Lissa Soep
  • Clifford Lee
  • Ike Sriskandarajah