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Unlocked is a multi-part investigation into alternatives to juvenile incarceration–both model programs and cases that raise serious concerns. In this multimedia story build, Youth Radio reveals how dangerously low staffing levels among guards has resulted in an increase in the use of pepper spray and fights in some juvenile detention facilities.

  • Soraya Shockley
  • Brett Myers
  • Rebecca Martin
  • Olivia Cueva
  • Lissa Soep
  • Kenya Young
  • Brandon McFarland
  • Denise Tejada
  • Lo Benichou
  • Jenny Bolario
  • Bridget Botelho
  • Asha Richardson
  • Shyra Gums
  • Dayonna Martin
  • Elizabeth Matute
  • Zak Rosen
  • Julia Mitric
  • Sayre Quevedo
  • Ellin O’Leary